About LAMDA Tuition:

LAMDA classes for examinations in public speaking and performance provide learners with the skills and the confidence to succeed in life. 

Through one on one classes, or small group sessions, students work towards exams, learning how to present pieces of verse and prose as well as hold a conversation with the examiner on related topics. Students can either follow the LAMDA syllabus, or follow a tailor made syllabus matched to their personal interests.


Classes can take place either at your home address (if in the surrounding area of Finchley) or at our principal and tutor's address in Finchley Central.

Who teaches?

How do I enquire about fees and availability?

Classes are taught by our principal Rob Copeland. Rob's experience teaching acting and directing at top London stage schools, combined with his own personal experience as a professional performer / top podcast host leave him the ideal tutor to help students succeed in exams. Rob has a full DBS.

For more information contact Rob Copeland :

tel - 07852997714

email - copelandperformingarts@gmail.com